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Hexes On Exes (2019)

By Michael Salazar

Four friends on a study abroad trip in France discover their true power when a playful excursion into the world of the occult accidentally leads to their professor’s violent demise. As they try to undo their bloody mistake, they discover their full potential lies in each accepting who they really are.

Unapologetically queer, fierce, and funny, "Hexes" was the perfect show to be our first independent effort. 

From the playwright:

"On the surface it’s a classic revenge tale that any person who’s been snubbed by a cheating partner can relate to. Beneath the macabre and mayhem though, there’s something that’s even more important to me – friendship. More specifically, female friendship.


The women in my life have always supported me and given me so much strength in the darkest of times. I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. I wanted to show how powerful the comradery between strong women can be and how when women work together they become one of the most powerful forces on this planet.

And beneath the theme of female friendship is yet another equally import theme; the power of harnessing who you are as a person, accepting it and letting your true colors shine through (sorry for the Cindy Lauper reference). As a queer person the “coming out” phase can be terrifying, exciting, thrilling, earthshattering and sometimes heartbreaking. I wanted to use the play as a metaphor for this important moment and to show the “power” you obtain when you’re finally able to be yourself."

Production Team

Director - Michael Salazar

Stage Manager/Sound Design - Laura Temme

Properties Director - Ryan McCanna

Costume Designer - Katlyn Moser


Penelope - Brittany Squillace

Chloe - Amanda Sjodahl

Rhiannon - Vanessa Brooke Agnes

Sara - Katlyn Moser

Mystery Girl/Madame Mortel - Morgan Gray

Trinity Cunningham/Professor Baxter - Kendra Yarke

Charlotte Preston/Lucy - Emma Dalen

Professor Bite - Blake Farber

Show artwork by Savannah Walton

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